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Anderson Grossman, PLLC is steadfast in its mission: to excel in the protection and service of our clients’ business interests. W ...

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We can assist you with your business litigation and your business, planning and transactional needs.

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The attorneys at Anderson Grossman are experienced in negotiating the best deals and contracts for our clients.  Gives us a ...

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Anderson | Grossman PLLC

Advising and Protecting Your Business…in the Boardroom and in the Courtroom.

Dallas Lawyers

11696462_sWe deliver intelligent, strategic advice and solutions for businesses faced with commercial disputes, high-risk lawsuits, complex transactions, complicated claims, labor and employment issues, compliance issues, and the unique dilemmas of the 21st century legal landscape. The attorneys of Anderson Grossman, PLLC will defend your interests with skill and passion.

We are based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area and serve businesses throughout the state of Texas and all over the U.S.

One Galleria Tower
13355 Noel Rd, #1900
Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: 972-789-1160
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